Month: February 2019

Yes, You CAN Earn Money in Your Pajamas

It’s a funny old cliché, is it not, about being able to “earn money in your pajamas?” It always brings a smile (or sneer, depending on who hears it) to our faces. But the fact is, you CAN earn money in your pajamas! What that really means is that if you are working from the comfort of your own home, barring the video Skype call from a remote boss or client, it truly doesn’t matter WHAT you are wearing!

That whole image was really meant to bring your attention to the types of freedom that one can expect when one works from home. However, just because you aren’t going to have to get dressed in a suit doesn’t mean you aren’t going to have to work. It just means you can be more casual about your appearance.

But, you knew that anyway, didn’t you! 😉

A number of us have gotten together to compile a bunch of ways you can take advantage of this clichéd image. For example, we are fond of affiliate marketing, drop-ship e-commerce, SEO for ourselves and potential clients, and more.

So, as we open up the site, feel free to jump to whatever category is of interest to you. We will put lots of tips and reviews about a number of programs as well. Sometimes it helps to see what others have said about certain opportunities, and so we’ll do what we can to offer you concise and complete reviews! Come back soon to see what we have!

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